Why do I need so much water?

Water holds Sandcastles together…or does it?

The answer is yes – always –


The downside is that sand quality, consistency, shape, size, and surface conditions all vary.

On South Padre Island in Texas we have almost the perfect combination of  very fine Sand (400 grain I have been told – that’s very fine) and a unique mixture of Silicates, Clay, Bentonite and more importantly it’s all one color which makes details very clear and, when sunshine is applied, great shadows!

The opposite of this are locations such as Navarre beach in Florida. Quartz based sand which is white but is also large, irregularly shaped crystals which have fractured surfaces that don’t allow adhesion by water in most forms –  REGARDLESS – of how much water you put on them!

This makes the difference in how you approach what you are going to build.

South Padre sand means 6ft vertical builds are easily possible but at Navarre beach, you are looking at pile 5ft wide to get a 2 ft lump which collapses constantly.

We are going to investigate the area of Texas first to tell you if there is a better place than South Padre to build a great castle and have a wonderful beach vacation – but UNTIL THEN

Don’t get disappointed – JUST GET TO SOUTH PADRE ISLAND IN TEXAS AS FAST AS YOU CAN! and remember to use plenty of water.

Take a look at this video – it should help!


See you on the beach