Engage! – as Picard used to say!


This is the key to communication.

At a Sandcastle Lessons, my first few words need to engage my clients – period.

“Welcome to South Padre Island, The Sandcastle Capital of the world! We are called that for a reason – We have the best beach sand for building sandcastles in the USA.”

Reading what the client does next is one of the fundamentals of customer engagement. I am no expert on Body language but if a child leaves your intro and grabs one of the shovels – LET HIM DIG! – right after you have told him there is a correct way to prepare the base to put your castle on.

Teenagers who look to the sky and are obviously upset that they can’t reach for their phone to see what their friends just vibrated to them can be engaged by pointing out that Nothing, but NOTHING, beats introducing yourself to cute girls and boys by creating a sic Sandcastle as the opening line is “wow, did you do that?” The answer, in a cool voice “Yeah, wanna help?” simple. (and yes we have had some classics over the years with very shy wannabees!)

And what engages parents? – well, we don’t really engage them. We are proving that we are Fun, Value for THEIR MONEY and can engage their children beyond the mighty phone/tablet/whatever. Sometimes obviously – THEY are the children!

The point to this blog?

We have learned over the years that engaging someone in something that disturbs their comfort zone and takes away their “stuff” is always a good thing for any family. It reveals bonds and trades passions that were begun a long ago by their parents and even grandparents, and they want to pass on an introduction to that using a day at the beach. We try to instill a belief that anything is possible!

So, our only job is to make sure that we engage all our clients and as you can see from some of our reviews on Trip Advisor, we seem to be able to do that.

See you on the beach!


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