Sand Castle’s have Keys!

Sandcastles have keys…


Yes – big and small!

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to see an imagination open. After all, “Creativity is only limited by the imagination” (a famous guy said that)  Q: How do you unlock an imagination? A: With a key.

I have often said that communication is the key to success.  After all, without it, what have you got? A bunch of great ideas, skills and techniques, with no way to pass them on. If you have a key to communication, you can open minds anywhere.

When I teach people to make sandcastles and see the look on their face when I use a straw to blow away debris, or pull off a bucket to reveal a perfectly smooth block, I know that I have given them a key.  We spend most of our lessons laughing and joking while people relax, forget about work and phones, and get to be a family for a few hours.

I enjoy what I do. Every day I get to talk to people about what they do, soldiers, doctors, riggers, people in every form of business, social media and college, and of course,  moms. They all have one thing in common – they never thought they could make a perfect Sand ball or stack wet sand and build an awesome castle.

The keys are already in their pocket – my job is to make sure their vacation or field trip is somewhere they can use it. I hope that the experience will them keep ideas moving for a whole year so they can come back and say,” I watched your videos, and I want to build this!” (It’s amazing what they ask for!)

One of the greatest things to do is show a child how they can do something… When schools come to lessons they bring one thing in spades – enthusiasm. When I was small I loved to learn to make and fix things and I have always been an enthusiastic. I love to see what I felt myself and it’s cool to be able to pass that on! I think that showing someone how to use their hands to make anything is something we are missing these days…(but that’s for another blog!)


So like I said, keys come in two sizes big and small…and every sandcastle has one.

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