Andy Hancock is a sculptor that specialises in generating unique ideas in art and sculpture.

Born in Melbourne, Australia he now travels between his homes in South Padre Island, Texas and Mid
Wales in the UK.

His commissions include using organic forms and standing trees, recycling industrial surplus and using
mainstream materials to create his award-winning work. His latest work involves teaching thousands
each year how to master sand sculpture which he is trying to bring to the UK. Most clients are inspired
to enhance their environment after seeing a previous work.

His clients range from individuals to large corporate and educational institutions. Projects can span
a single day or extend over a whole year and beyond. Andy has worked with thousands of people on
hundreds of projects over the previous 15 years to establish himself as one of the leading sculptors in
his field.

Andy uses collaboration as a strength not a weakness. He is a leading consultant on organising
International symposia and creating new workspaces around the world.

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Andy Hancock 2011


Sand Castle Lessons on South Padre Island