School Information

School projects usually start with a site visit to discuss any new ideas that fit the current
curriculum and Health and safety at the school. Pllease Call or text me to arrange a visit on 07852
200488(Britain) or Email or

Previous Projects

There are far too many to list all of them! I shall therefore attempt to highlight a few that have made
the most difference and were the most fun to do!

A local high school commissioned three days of interactive workshops to produce a seating area for
60+ students. Teachers, volunteers, parents and children all had a great time.

The Queens handbag sculpture was commissioned by Powysland Museum and its curator Eva

Bredsdorff. Its purpose, besides being fun to create and finish, was to celebrate the 50 years on
the throne of Her Majesty the Queen. The sculpture was an interpretation of one of the Queens own
handbags that was on display in the museum during a special exhibition held over the month of her
majesty's birthday.

The sequins on the bag were all stamped with the initials of visitors to the museum and the project
during the lifetime of the exhibition. Some people stamped their own but others were produced by
museum staff. Visitors from all over the world ended up being on the sculpture and it was first come,
first served project. Over 2000 people participated in the project over 8 weeks.

Powysland museum have commissioned various projects and artworks over the past 3 years and keep
coming back as they have all been successful and you don't fix what ain't broke (as they say!) Thanks

Primary & Secondary

Prices for project and consultation work are the same for both primary and secondary schools. They
start at £500 per day Plus expenses (fuel, sanding discs, blades, etc)

Work rates between age groups and the size of classes are the two factors that determine budgets
and project length but most secondary pupils are able to accomplish virtually anything I can show and
do myself, whereas Primary school pupils - will only be able to get work done within a school period/
lesson from about 9 yrs old upwards.

Types of work available are:

Coming soon - sand sculpture – call or text 07852 200488 for Details

Garden design and interpretation - good for everyone - whole days are needed

Living classrooms - two days are required as a minimum and only 9+ can manage the materials
which are 6 and 8 mm steel bar. Parents are required to assist with tree planting and welding of the
finished, tied structure.

Wood Sculpture - whole days and entire revolving classes are needed for this type of work which
usually involves create seating areas for the whole school to enjoy. Site logistics and plenty of
parental support are integral to the success of this type of project.

please contact me on to discuss your project further


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Powysland Museum
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Roger Neville

Andy Warren
Recreation and Environmental Officer
Marketing Dept
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Matthew Davies
Media Consultant
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