Why Commision Art?

Why commission art? - How will it make a difference? - Who will benefit?

All difficult questions! All i can do is help to answer them from my personal experience which has included some of the biggest companies in Britain and has included projects that lasted a single day to many years.

Single projects that include one-day events and community involvement are always valuable for :

  • Increasing awareness of your companies business, its aims and objective amongst the surrounding community
  • Helping to promote a positive image of the company throughout the area
  • Generating positive publicity at a local level
  • Helping introduce the younger members of the community or company to your business
  • Create a feel good factor within the community
  • Introduce useful community facilities that keep the company name to the fore

Larger infrastructure projects aid:

  • Increasing awareness of your companies business to a larger business audience
  • Promotes a positive image of your company nationally and internationally
  • Generates national and international publicity
  • Gives staff a chance to participate in the creative process
  • Team building exercises
  • Tax benefits
  • Puts an "art face" on the company
  • Start a company Art Collection
  • Idea recycling

There is no doubt that sculpture and artwork helps to create a positive image of your company with staff and visitors alike. All the companies I have worked for said that the awareness-raising and feel-good capabilities that a piece of sculpture has generated have been truly remarkable. It not only pleases and motivates people but gets them to improve other challenges in their lives.

The largest of my commissions, the Lake Vyrnwy Sculpture Trail, and now, the Lake Vyrnwy Sculpture Park has increased visitor numbers by thousands and motivated all sorts of other companies and individuals to use sculpture and art to improve the quality of life in their area.

The most vital improvement was that increased visitors brought increased employment and revenue to an area hit by BSE, Foot and Mouth and the Global tourism fallout caused by 11th September. As a winner of numerous awards over the past 6 years it has proved beyond a doubt that sculpture works in generating positive feedback across the board.

To see how Andy may be able to help you with your latest idea please contact him though the visitors book or the contact page.


International Symposia

One of the most effective ways to introduce a sculpture concept to a large area is to host an international symposium. Andy Has years of experience in organising symposia in Wales and New Zealand and hopes to add America to the list shortly. if you wopuld like to discuss this idea further please contact him using the details on the contact page.


Interpretation of corporate ideas and aims using art is not new but over the last twenty years it has proved to be a most effective medium for generting positive publicity around particular subjects.

In Britain, work for the Forestry Commission helps people to indentify key species at certain sites and help them to protect their habitats. Whilst a power generation company use environmental education centres fullm of sculpture and organic artwork to help children understand why their product can exist alongside the environment whilst not harming it.

A physical interprtation using a 3D work helps to give scale to previously unseen work or processes that go on at, or around, the site.

Interactive interpretation projects are particlularly good at educating the general public about the way you are helping the community.

Large public artwork helps to engage the community and improve the quality of life for those in the surrounding area and within the company itself.

However, the biggest plus to using 3d artwork to physically interpret a site instead of, or in addtion to, a printed board is the fact that most people appreciate the fact that you have bothered to spend the money and use the time to improve the way an idea is put across. They like to feel and touch a piece of interpretation as it helps to convey a feeling of the procees behind the work many times better than a plastic board.

(I have nothing against the boards but they're not my job - sorry!)

If you feel you'd like to discuss an idea please e-mail me anytime using the contact page.

Funding Partnerships

I have many partners who, over the years who have funded unique artwork and continue to support my work:

Severn Trent Water

Forestry Commission

Local Education Authorities across Wales and England

Powysland Museum

The National Parks

Festival of the Countryside

Partnerships using art as an interpretation medium are particularly succesful as they bring together many people from diverse company backgrounds to make a project work. Using art to get their collective ideas off the ground is a lot more fun than trying to write a report or design a new sign!

If you require a reference from any previous client please do not hesitate to ask.


1999 - Civic Society - Oswestry, UK

1999 - Arts & Business - Lake Vyrnwy Sculpture Trail

2000 - Arts & Business - Lake Vyrnwy Sculpture Trail

2002 - Civic Society - Wrexham - North Wales, UK

2003 - Arts & Buisness - Lake Vyrnwy Sculpture Park